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PSComputer Solutions Pam Snyder, Owner

Phone: 740-477-9084 or 740-601-6018 E-mail: pam@pscomputersolutions.com


PS Computer Solutions has provided these services for the past 12 years and is State of Ohio EDGE Certified in these areas.

Web Page Design and/or Management Services: 915-96-00

Marketing Consulting: 918-76

Advertising Consulting: 918-07

Computer Software Consulting: 918-29

Educational and Training Consulting: 918-38

Management Consulting: 918-75

Business Software Misc: 208-20

Computer Software, Performance Tracking: 208-20-27

Computer Software, Business, Transfer Files: 208-20-58

Desktop Publishing: 208-39-00

Desktop Publishing: 965-30

Desktop Publishing Services: 920-26

Data Processing Services, Desktop Publishing: 920-26

Layout and Graphic Design Services: 965-30

Graphic Design Services for Printing: 965-46

Computer Aided Design Services: 920-18

Data Entry Services: 920-21

Training Software for Computer Software: 208-81-84

Software for Computer Software Training: 208-81

Educational Services, Course Development Services, Instructional/Training: 924-16-00

Educational Services, Alternative: 924-18-00

In-Service Training (For Employees): 924-35

Examination and Testing: 924-20-00

PS Computer Solutions saved one State Agency over $80,000 in computer software training through an assessment process we designed and administered.

See web site for additional information, Assessments

Classes Outside: 924-60-00

Not for Credit Classes, Seminars, Workshops, etc.: 924-60-00

Special Education: 924-74-00

Programming for database web development: 920-40

Typing & Word Processing: 915-80-00

Mapping Services: 920-33

Software Maintenance/Support: 920-45

Support Services, Computer (Includes Computer Warranties): 920-47

Scientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, and Mapping Software: 208-82

Spread Sheet Software: 208-84

Software Communications: Networking, Linking, etc. (Includes Clustering Software): 208-27

Driver and Hardware Support Programs: 208-40

Language Translation Software: 208-58



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Phone: (740)601-6018    (740)477-9084   Fax: (740)474-1290


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