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PSComputer Solutions is a woman owned business since 1996 and provides  application software training services to the client  and web site development. Our products are unique in the industry and no other training center  provides the same quality of service. We customize our services to meet the clients needs. Listed below are some of the services we provide our clients.

 PS Computer Solutions is the exclusive vender in Ohio that will research the market place and locate application training, technical training, consulting or other services to fit our client's requirements.    PS Computer Solutions has combined these services to facilitate our client in acquiring the best instructors and consultants available. Only one phone call, and we locate the services requested and save our clients valuable time and money.

**Consultant: For those agencies and corporations that do not have an MIS Director or PC Coordinator, PS Computer Solutions provides this service to the client. This service includes contacting all divisions and personnel to set up and schedule training, consulting with division chiefs on various needs and application software training and offering recommendations on application needs. Locating the courses requested and securing seats for your personnel. We also provide course outlines and criteria sheets to help assess what level of training is needed. We offer basic, intermediate or advanced levels of application training.

 We save our clients a tremendous amount of time and money. They do not have to hire another employee to manage this responsibility. We accomplish this task with proficiency. Based on a 40 hour week at $13.50/hr, a PC Coordinator would cost an agency in salary $28,080.00/ year without medical and other benefits. PS Computer Solutions provides this service to the client for a nominal fee of $2000.00/month.

Annual Savings: Over $ 6000.00

**Customized Services for Client: Annual Savings of $ 8,000.00

Training Reports: PS Computer Solutions provides the client with a spread sheet defining all the divisions training requests and current training completed by each division. This spreadsheet is completed in Excel 8.0 and provided to client in printed form and on disk. This is for the assessment of application software needs for each division and a contrast of what training has been accomplished. (included in pricing)

Access Database Training Records: PS Computer Solutions provides a copy of all the training accomplished within Access 8.0 database for tracking the application software training that is complete. This is provided to the client in disk form and updated regularly. (included in pricing)

Other Services provided by PS Computer Solutions

**Phone Support: Unlimited phone support. If a personnel needs an answer to a question or help working through one of the applications they have taken, they can contact the training center and get on line phone support immediately.

**Free Refresher Course: The training centers that PS Computer Solutions uses to provide training offer free refresher courses. So if your personnel would like to retake the course, they can for free.

**Meet Your Training Needs: PS Computer Solutions is the only vender in Ohio that will locate, set up the training you request, whether technical, application software training or seminars. To equal these services, you would spend hours on the phone with different training centers. PS Computer Solutions has combined these services so that the client makes one phone call and we will locate the training requested to save agencies and corporations time and money. We have established relationships with several reputable training centers across the State of Ohio and because we work on a volume basis, we are able to give our clients discounts on their training.

PSComputer Solutions, Pam Snyder

My background in the computer software application programs consists of: Instructor of all FrontPage versions, Windows platforms, Microsoft Office Professional Editions(MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, Outlook), Quicken, and QuickBooks Pro, FileMaker Pro.  I am an Independent Training Coordinator and Consultant.  My goal is to make sure my clients receive professional quality training. I am able to accomplish this through working with several training centers in the central Ohio area rather than just one.

PSComputer Solutions is very diverse, yet individualized! Our goal is to make computer software training easy for you and make sure you get top quality training. We will provide you with quality, hands on training for your personnel at the most competitive price available. We offer discounts and coupons as well as submitting cost effective proposals. We will locate the classes you are interested in scheduling at the best price and the most convenient location.




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