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Quik-Connect - ONLY $59/month

Your audience needs to have quick access to your web site.  When your web site is buried in layers of a web site such as the government agencies, additional domain names are advantageous for we provide a service that enables the additional domain names to provide direct access to your web site.  PS Computer Solutions, PSCS has the capability of providing your visitors with quick Internet access to your web site, without creating a new web site or any extra work on your part through our service, Quik-Connect  PS Computer Solutions can guarantee that your viewers Internet response will greatly increase through Quik-Connect. 

Children need web addresses simplified for educational purposes.   Take advantage of this offer and provide your audience with another avenue to reach your web site with ease. 


Everyone accessing the Internet desires to attain information quickly and easily.  We make it effortless for your visitors to go on-line and reach your web site.  To demonstrate Quik-Connect to you, type while on the Internet or  It will take you quickly to the Ebucki book store on-line, one of our web sites.  The main web address for this site is  but we have enhanced this site with additional web site addresses using Quik-Connect. These connections demonstrate Quik-Connect capabilities. 


You do not have to build another web site! By means of Quik-Connect, your audience types in one of your web addresses, and your web site will appear.  For example: Many viewers don’t remember your real web address and do not want to take time to do a search.  They type in key phrases that are associated with your web site trying to reach your web site.  Once Quik-Connect is applied to addresses of your choice, your audience has quick, easy access to your present web site.  Keep it simple by purchasing Quik-Connect and more visitors will find your web site.  

The beauty of this process is that there is no extra work for you.  Wouldn’t it be great if your visitors could access your web site quickly by typing in one web site address and with a click they are viewing your web site without clicking through layers and layers of web pages.  Your e-mail address could be simplified, too.  PS Computer Solutions can provide this service to you through Quik-Connect.  We are including pricing for your convenience.                     

Quik-Connect Pricing

Quik-Connect Cost per Web Address


1 web address with Quik-Connect



Web Site Quik-Connect Discounted:  Contract is for one (1) year. You may secure your discounted pricing for a two-year period.   The first payment is due with the submission of contract.  Second year payment is due at the first day of the thirteenth month.  Payment is secured by credit card. Yearly or monthly billing available.


E-mail associated with web address.  Call for more information about additional services included with this offer. 


Take advantage of this offer and provide your audience with another avenue to reach your web site with ease through Quik-Connect


Customer Requirements 



Please provide changes to PS Computer Solutions through e-mail or in writing.  If client changes web address during the course of the contractual year and the client does not inform PSCS concerning these changes, then PS Computer Solutions is not held responsible for delays in updating the client’s information.   Upon notification, PS Computer Solutions will process the new updates to Quik-Connect.


Client Update Information to be provided by customer:

·         Customer web address changes

·         All e-mail updates

·         All Contact information changes


Update information should be sent to:


Fax: 740-474-1290     Phone:  740-601-6018



Pam Snyder, Owner





For Additional Information Contact:


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